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Fixing a Blockage in Water Spray Nozzle of Cartridge

Fixing a Blockage in Water Spray Nozzle of Cartridge



Take out cleaning pin at the rear end of the brush, and insert it straight into the water spray nozzle.
* The water hole may be damaged if the pin is not inserted straight or forced into the hole. The damage may cause water not being sprayed at the right angles. Use attached NSK Nozzle Cleaning Pin. Using a non-NSK cleaning pin may cause improper direction of water spray.



Blow air from the bur side of the handpiece by using a syringe.


When placing the cartridge back in the head of the handpiece, be sure that O-ring is set properly in place. In case clogging is found in turbine or coupling joint, contact your NSK distributor for repair.

If you feel water supply is insufficient upon installation of NSK air turbine.

NSK air turbines are designed to exert spray water by mixing water and chip air internally. When chip air pressure is set substantially higher than water pressure, water supply may be diminished due to the pressure difference. If this is the case, adjust chip air pressure. NSK recommends using the NSK Multi Gauge to make correct and accurate adjustments.