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Recycling even the abrasive stones used in the grinder. Ensuring zero impact on the environment through 100 % recycling.

Most of the industrial waste discharged from NSK’s factory undergoes intermediate processing, after which it is recycled for use as substrate material for roads. The recycling rate was 99.1 % (as of 2022), but why was it not 100 %? The remaining 0.9 % consisted of different types of stones for the grinders of handpieces used for the final polishing procedure.

The stones are made of extremely hard minerals, which until now were difficult to grind into fine particles. NSK found companies from all over Japan with the technology for grinding these stones. This allowed their recycling for use as construction materials.

This eliminated the remaining 0.9 % of waste, which could not be recycled, realizing a recycling rate of 100 %.
A keen awareness for preserving nature in manufacturing products at the factory is the result of being surrounded by a wealth of nature. It is an important mission of NSK to not only promote the well-being of people, but also ensure the well-being of Earth itself.

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