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Bolstering the system for supporting repairs in various countries to ensure the providing of stable, high-quality healthcare.

Are you aware of the lifespan of dental healthcare equipment? For example, NSK's handpiece has a lifespan of around 10 years if it is properly maintained and repaired. This changes dramatically depending on the place or environment in which it is used, and the frequency of use, and it sometimes requires more frequent replacement.
To ensure peace of mind among dental workers in using our equipment, we provide support in repairing equipment through our company in Japan, as well as 15 subsidiaries and around 450 local agencies overseas.

Technicians involved in repairing our products carry out training at our Head Office and overseas subsidiaries. Technicians who reach a certain level of proficiency in their skills and knowledge become qualified trainers, who are allowed to supervise repairs. There are currently 26 qualified trainers, and around 120 repairers at NSK's Head Office and overseas subsidiaries.

The Nakanishi Group has a sales network spanning 135 countries worldwide. The availability of high-quality repair support anywhere forms the basis for stable and high-quality healthcare. The entire Group will continue striving to further improve the repair system.

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