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Repairing and donating used equipment to various countries around the Pacific Ocean. The environmentally friendly activities of NSK Oceania Pty. Ltd.

NSK Oceania Pty. Ltd.* accepts trade-ins of used handpieces from customers in both countries. The dental healthcare equipment is repaired, then donated to dental clinics in Fiji, the Solomon Islands and other countries around the Pacific Ocean.

This Going Green campaign was launched in 2019, and it continues to this day, as of April 2020, accepting trade-ins of not only handpieces, but also a variety of other surgical and oral hygiene products. During this time, over 1,500 handpieces of NSK and other brands have been repaired and donated. These activities have contributed to the reduction of waste and narrowing of regional healthcare disparities.

*Refers to NSK Oceania Pty Ltd. (Australia) and NSK Oceania Ltd. (New Zealand).

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